The Nano is our smallest member of our recreation/Flex home family. It is only 3 meters wide and fits into small, narrow spaces. The Nano is also easy to transport to almost any location in Europe. The Reflex comes with a complete glass wall on one or two sides of the home. This completely blends the home into a natural location and the view is also unparalleled. The lack of a visible wall gives the feeling of living in the middle of nature.

The Nano is, through the NedPanel construction system easy to extend, raise or widen. Should the location where the house will be placed allow this.

This minimalist vacation home is extremely energy efficient and offers all the comforts you strictly need to enjoy your stay.

It is also relatively easy to expand the Nano with an additional attached bedroom, garage or workspace. Also, 2 or 3 units can be linked together to create flexible living units. The optional veranda module can be added to complete the distinctive design style of our homes.

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    Ground floor
    Bathroom, kitchen and livingroom

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