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Traditional brick and concrete building methods have relatively poor insulation values and are difficult to keep affordable within the insulation standards of the building code.

Almost all developers and municipalities develop and build houses that only “just” meet the current insulation standards.

This is a necessary reason when maximizing profits is the goal.

AffordableHouse honors a totally different principle: It puts the resident’s return at the center of its concerns. Not that of the developer/builder.

This principle can be easily checked by comparing the Rc values of our houses with those of a colleague builder. According to the current Dutch building code, a facade must have a minimum Rc value of 4.7 m2K/W. Our standard facades have an Rc value of 6.8 m2K/W, over 40% above the norm! And this is our least performing panel!

Roofs must meet the minimum Rc value of 6.3 m2K/W. As a standard Rc value for roofs, AffordableHouse uses 9.4 m2K/W, 59% above the norm!

Of course, we could have also made our building elements thinner to save costs. Perhaps the house would be a few percent cheaper to build. However, especially now that energy costs are skyrocketing, the savings on energy costs are much more important. This is not only directly noticed every month in the energy bills but also has much lower emissions and therefore lower impact on nature.

In other words, AffordableHouse not only offers affordable houses, but also drastically reduces monthly maintenance and energy costs over the total lifespan.


The use of modular NedPanel CSIP panels for the construction of our houses guarantees maximum living space and the modular design makes it easy to later adapt the house to the needs of your changing living situation.


AffordableHouse carefully selects all the materials used with an eye for the environment. Our primary goal is to use highperformance sustainable materials to create energy-efficient houses that require minimal maintenance and guarantee a long lifespan.


All of our houses are easy to operate with our specially developed smart-home system. This system increases the living comfort by allowing you to adjust the scenes exactly to your personal preferences. You can control the house remotely through your phone or in the house with voice commands.