The LodgyMax is designed to provide comfortable living space for small families on modest lots. The modern appearance combined with the excellent insulation value make the LodgyMax the ideal future-proof solution as a starter, senior citizen or flex home. The home meets the building code for permanent residence and, with the optional solar roof, can generate enough energy to be practically self-sufficient.

The LodgyMax is equipped as standard with triple-paned windows that not only improve energy efficiency but also minimize ambient noise. The LodgyMax can be finished with almost any facade finish and can therefore be optimally adapted to the environment in which it is to be placed.

The LodgyMax has a standard width of 4.2 meters and comes standard with a flat roof. However, an optional gable roof as shown in the drawings is also an option. The LodgyMax comes standard with an extra bedroom to accommodate 6 people.

Should more space be desired in the home, the LodgyMax can also be built in 4.8-meter width. Of course, the length can also be extended relatively easily with the NedPanel construction system.

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