The BlackBox is a modular home that is assembled in two parts. The basic unit on the first floor houses the living room, kitchen and bathroom. The floor unit houses the bedroom. The loft above the living room can also be arranged as a second bedroom if necessary.

The BlackBox shares the same platform with the TinyBarney and Tilty. These models only have a different roof shape. The BlackBox offers High Quality living conditions in a very compact form. It is Ideal as a starter home or temporary apartment for urban projects with very limited space. The BlackBox weighs much less than a traditionally built (brick) house. This also allows for a much simpler foundation. Due to the high insulation value of the NedPanel building system and the standard triple glazing, very little energy is required to heat or cool the unit. The BlackBox is all electric and heated with an energy-efficient splitairco unit with heat pump.

The optional PV roof combined with a home battery reduces grid electricity consumption to the maximum.

The modularity of the building system makes it relatively easy to extend the house should more space be desired. Both the living room can be extended but also the bathroom. It is also possible to build the house wider. It can be built in 4.8m and 5.4m widths. The houses can be easily coupled for urban projects.

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    Ground floor
    Bathroom, kitchen and livingroom

    First Floor
    Sleeping loft 1,10m height

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